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miércoles, marzo 22, 2006


As I lie and watch the moon
On the lonely sea,
Watch it tug the lonely tide
Like a comforter over me,
The still and faceless moon
Fills the beach tonight
With only a ghost of day,
All shadow gray, and moonbeam white.
And you lie alone tonight,
As alone as I;
Lonely girl in your lonely flat, well, that’s where it’s at,
So hush your lonely cry.
How can I come to you, put out the moon, send back the tide?
The night has gone so gray, I’d lose the way, and it’s dark inside.
No, I must lie alone,
Till it comes for me;
Till it takes the sky, the sand, the moon, and the lonely sea.
And the lonely sea...

(The Crying of Lot 49)


  • Estoy superada.
    me niego a tener más de dos blogs que mirar. Pero incluiré éste en mis Favoritos.

    By Blogger superwoobinda, at 1:22 a. m.  

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